Land built above abandoned coal mines can be potentially hazardous. Northpoint completed a coal mining assessment for a proposed commercial development in County Durham

Northpoint conducted a Coal Mining Risk Assessment and intrusive ground investigation for an extension to a workshop in Leadgate. We undertook the works on behalf of SDS Inc Ltd.

The Geoenvironmental team initially carried out a desk-based Coal Mining Assessment to highlight the potential risks from underground workings. The Desk Study identified a potential risk to the proposed development within both coal and ironstone seams below the site.

coal mining assessment

The site lies above complex and potentially hazardous ground. The area sits above the heart of the Durham Coal Fields. Using 2D and 3D mapping techniques, we meticulously created a detailed ground profile beneath the site. From this, we established the depth and thickness of features such as ironstone and coal bands. Our ground profiles were then compared with available mine abandonment plans for the area. The initial desk-based exercise confirmed that intrusive ground investigation was required. Consequently, we undertook an investigation to assess the overall risks to the development.

Our Geoenvironmental engineers used their knowledge of the area to design a cost-effective Ground Investigation. As a result, this experience reduced the investigation scope, and resulted in cost savings for the client. The Ground Investigation works including rotary boreholes  and probing to target shallow seams identified during the Desk Study Report.

Northpoint analysed the Ground Investigation data and mine abandonment plans as part of the comprehensive Coal Mining Risk Assessment.

The Geoenvironmental team worked in partnership with the Coal Authority to confirm an overall very low risk for the site.

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