Northpoint recently assist a client looking to transform a 26 Hectare site into a new commercial village. We offered support to move the project forward to the detailed design phase by completing a detailed Geoenvironmental Appraisal.

geoenvironmental appraisalThe Proposal

The development site currently lies undeveloped. The area consists of a series of interconnecting grassed fields. The site is positioned close to the A66 dual carriageway and Tees Valley railway line, and makes it a prime location for the ambitious development proposal. The development is expected to comprise a number of new commercial units. Furthermore, the units will all interconnect with new infrastructure and access. Due to the scale of the development, the scheme will potentially bring thousands of new jobs to the area. We offered geotechnical engineering consultancy services to aid detailed design through preparing a Geoenvironmental Appraisal.

Our Remit

Our geotechnical engineering consultants aided the client by initially completing a comprehensive Phase 1 Desk Study. Firstly, we were able to identify the likely ground conditions. Even more, we used this detailed information to design a safe and detailed programme of ground investigation works. Because of historical mining and landfilling operations immediately adjacent to the site, we initially had concerns regarding hazardous ground gases.

Because of the expected nature of the ground conditions, we employed a series of geotechnical techniques in the field. Our geotechnical engineering team project managed all aspects of the fieldworks. This included leading on both health and safety and field operations.

Finally, we considered the ground conditions for foundation design. Our survey recorded layers of glacial deposits over sandstone at varying depths. Consequently, we provided the design team with a range of options, including traditional shallow foundations through to deep piles placed into the sandstone.

On Completion

Our geotechnical engineering team produced an interpretive report that can be used to design foundations and new roads. Above all, our reporting includes:

  • Preparing a detailed ground profile beneath the site
  • Assessing areas of softer and potentially hazardous ground
  • Determining how shallow groundwaters will react with new foundations
  • Assessing risks to the development from hazardous ground gases
  • Preparing a detailed Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Offing recommendations for safe design to adopted British Standards  0191 917 2310