A map of Darlington

Working in partnership with Middlesbrough Council, Northpoint was appointed by Darlington Borough Council to undertake a Ground Investigation to facilitate a new link road on behalf of Network Rail.

The site is positioned within the prestigious Central Park development area, which has an extensive industrial history. The site is impacted by former railway infrastructure, including a large engine shed and adjacent industrial activity.

Previous investigation works revealed significant areas of Made Ground, comprising ash, slag and various fill materials. Certain fill materials were locally contaminated with asbestos, heavy metals and fuel oils.

We are delighted to partner with the local authority, providing continued support with waste classification, off-site disposal and detailed contamination risk assessments. This ensures that every development is suitable and safe for future use.

Northpoint provides a range of geoenvironmental support to the public and private sectors. Ensuring the client achieves concise and cost-effective solutions.