Situated in the heart of Middlehaven, Northpoint assess land to facilitate the Outwood Academy. The project is part of wider Middlehaven development proposals that will transform the area.

Middlehaven DevelopmentMiddlehaven Development

As part of wider Boho masterplan, the Outwood Academy Middlehaven development will consist of a 2 and 3 storey school structure. The structure will occupy a footprint of approximately 7665m2. The development site will incorporate areas of planted ecology, informal soft and hard play, and a large playing field.

Brief History

middlehaven developmentMiddlehaven, considered the old Town Centre of Middlesbrough, was once surrounded by heavy industry such as iron and steel works associated with the areas industrial past. The area Northpoint considered includes various former uses. These ranged from gas works, Victorian terraced housing, a smithy and foundry, engineering works. All former uses have long since been cleared leaving the site area disused.

Our Remit

Working on behalf of the local authority, Northpoint lead on detailed ground investigations. Firstly, we completed a preliminary assessment including desk study and investigation works. Consequently, we used this data to prepare and design a specification for the main ground investigation.

The main investigation process was twofold. Firstly, we assessed the upper soil and groundwater conditions to assess whether the development was potentially at risk from contaminants and pollutants. Above all, given the various former site activities, this resulted in complex ground conditions.

Secondly, Northpoint investigated the lower soils and rocks to gather sufficient data for the design of deep foundations that would extend into solid rocks beneath the site.

From both processes and associated testing and monitoring, we created a detailed ground model to assess how the ground would react to the placed development. From this, we formulated our recommendations to allow the detailed design phase to commence.

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