Northpoint called out to emergency slippage compromising a busy link road in North Yorkshire. Slope Stability Assessment undertaken.

slope stability assessmentNorthpoint was commissioned by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council to undertake a Slope Stability Assessment. The study area is located along a section of the A174 highway at Loftus. The A174 is a key link road between Teesside and North Yorkshire. The highways also forms the main coastal route to Whitby.

Historically, the slope landform at Loftus Bank has been unstable. From as early as 1927, movement and failure has been documented. The last major slope failures were recorded between 1999 and 2004. Consequently, large scale remedial work has since been completed. This consisted of regrading and reengineer the slope following the failures. As a result, the works protect the A174 highway immediately beyond the crest.

In 2019, Northpoint’s Geotechnical Engineers revisited the slope where an additional slippage occurred. We undertook a survey of the recorded slippage. As a result, we recommended immediate actions to stabilise the slope stability assessmentslope. These included outlining measures to protect the highway. The remedial works will protect the highway and adjacent housing.

The Slope Stability Assessment concluded that water inundation at the crest of the slope was responsible for the localised slip. As part of our recommendations, Northpoint suggested the placement of an adequate kerb-line and highway drainage between the carriageway and slope crest. Northpoint continue to assist the local council with regrading of the slope coupled with a review of a planting solution to provided added long-term support.  0191 917 2310