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Geotechnical Engineering South Yorkshire – Northpoint is an independent Geotechnical and Environmental consultancy. We provide expert geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy services across the UK. Our technical earth science services are driven through knowledge, science and innovation. Northpoint serve homeowners, engineers, architects, local authorities and corporate organisations.

Geotechnical Engineering in South Yorkshire

Planning a construction project in South Yorkshire or the surrounding areas? Our team of geotechnical experts can perform a detailed site investigation that equips you with the necessary design information to plan your new site.

Practicing geotechnical engineering and site investigation in South Yorkshire for decades, our team will deliver a full assessment of an area’s geotechnical and environmental risks, as well as reporting on all hazards and contaminants. South Yorkshire has a strong affiliation with historic coal mining, making detailed assessment vital for any project.

With vast experience working in challenging sectors such as rail, civils, residential and commercial development, Northpoint is your first choice for all of your geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation requirements.

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Our Process

Work begins with an initial consultation to discuss the feasibility of your project. We will then perform a desk study, which highlights key risks, considers the history of your site and lays the foundations for how we will carry out our full site investigation.

When performing site investigations in South Yorkshire and the wider area, we will take into account the industrial and mining legacy of the site and offer advice on how to navigate/mitigate the risks. We will also perform a full ground investigation both on-site and in our laboratory to assess everything from soil quality to hazards. This study helps us gather the data we need to offer insight-driven design advice for your site.

From this stage we offer both remediation and validation works followed by a design consultation to help you make the most of your site and to ensure you can build safely and efficiently on the ground.

Learn more about each stage of our process on our services page.

We Know Your Sector

Whether you’re a South Yorkshire-based property developer, rail or civils contractor or anything in between, rest assured we have experience working within your industry. As independent consultants, we have worked with some of the region’s largest developers as well as niche specialists. Whatever your project looks like, we can add value through detailed site investigation.

Need further reassurance? Read our case studies to see us in action.