Middlehaven BOHO District

10th July 2019

Northpoint work with Middlesbrough Council to transform the Middlehaven area as part of the flagship BOHO Zone development.

The Middlehaven area located south of The River Tees in Middlesbrough is earmarking for significant redevelopment. The old Town Centre was surrounded by heavy industry such as iron and steel works we all associate with the industrial past of Middlesbrough. Today, a large portion of this land lies disuse.

Areas of Middlehaven have recently been redeveloped including a new footbridge connecting Manhattan Gate to the Riverside Stadium. Commercial and education sector buildings form part of the BOHO vision to create a digital and creative business hub in this area of the town

It is exciting to think about how the area will be completely transformed in the next 5 to 10 years. An indoor ski centre and sports complex, one of only a handful in the UK is being considered for Middlehaven Manhattan Gate, just adding to the modern architecture of the BOHO zone and iconic Tees Transporter Bridge.

Northpoint is supporting the Council by assessing what is currently on and below the ground.

This includes considering how the heavy industrial legacy left behind will impact the new flagship development.

Northpoint is assessing all geohazards to establish a cost-effective and innovative solutions to inform design proposals.

Through the process of Site Investigation, Northpoint is considering a vast amount of historical, geological and environmental data for the 20Ha development site.

Northpoint is considering data to facilitate infrastructure and civil engineering design; such as new roads, pavements, utility runs and detailed foundation design. Given the former industrial uses of the area, Northpoints Geoenviromental team is classifying the land contamination profile. Northpoint recommendations will be designed to protect construction workers, public health, water environments and future users.

Northpoint will provide an update on this iconic scheme as works progress, follow the journey on our News Feed and social media pages. If you would like further information or would like to collaborate with Northpoint please contact the team.

Telephone 0191 917 2310 Email info@northpointgeotechnical.com