Remedial Works, Parkway Embankment

11th June 2019

Northpoint provide remediation options for the Parkway dual carriageway embankment

slope_stabilityNorthpoint provide remediation options for the Parkway highway. Northpoint was requested by the council to undertake a survey of a major highway, embankment inspection and related infrastructure on Teesside.

The work was undertaken following concerns raised by Highway England that alterations to the embankment toe had compromised the safety of the dual carriageway.

Overtime, the embankment conditions are predicted to worsen, and this may ultimately compromise the dual carriageway. Northpoint concluded that structural support was required at the toe of the embankment, to protect the Highway England asset.

To protect the embankment and lower culvert, Northpoint presented a series of remedial options. Given the location of the embankment, Northpoint’s main priority was to provide a green and cost-effective engineering solution sympathetic of the surrounding woodland. Options included placement of discrete footings, strategically placed gabion retaining structures and a planting strategy.

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