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Northpoint is an independent Geotechnical and Environmental consultancy. We provide expert geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy services across the UK. Our technical earth science services are driven through knowledge, science and innovation. Northpoint serve homeowners, engineers, architects, local authorities and corporate organisations.


Site Investigation Birmingham

Whether you are planning a major construction project or simply require pre-planning support, Northpoint Geotechnical is your first choice for site investigations in Birmingham.

From thorough groundwork investigations to comprehensive reports and several decades delivering world-class geotechnical engineering services across the UK, we’re unparalleled in both experience and expertise.

The Northpoint Geotechnical engineering team works alongside your contractors to provide a full assessment of an area’s geotechnical and environmental risks, with particular focus on hazards and contaminants. By taking the time to understand the landscape now, you will undoubtedly save time, money and effort in the future as construction progresses on your project.

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How We Work

When you work with Northpoint Geotechnical Engineering, you benefit from our detail-orientated approach to geotechnical engineering and site investigations. We start with an initial consultation to understand your project and plans. From here, we move towards a desk study, which aims to draw attention to key risks, including the history of your site and any likely hazards and contaminants.

This activity paves the way for a site investigation. When performing geotechnical site investigations in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area, we pay close attention to the region’s rich geological past. As a prominent source of coal for over two centuries, the Midlands’ low-lying ground made may still be affected by the mining heritage and, therefore, you must bring in a geotechnical engineering company with vast experience.

Northpoint will then carry out a full ground investigation both on-site and in our laboratory to assess everything from soil quality to hazards. We can then provide detailed and evidence-based design advice for your site. If required, we’ll then provide both remediation and validation works followed by a design consultation.

We want to help you make the most of your site. So, if you want to keep your construction project on-track then look no further than Northpoint Geotechnical.

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We Know Your Sector

We are passionate about working with businesses and developers to maximise their construction projects. Whether you are a civils contractor or a Birmingham property developer, you will need a geotechnical engineering specialist that you can trust.

If you want to work with a site investigation company in Birmingham with a proven track record in a vast number of industries, then Northpoint geotechnical Engineering is the company for you. Bring us on board to tackle your site investigation today.

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