What is Site Investigation?

26th January 2019

Northpoint give some brief thoughts on Site Investigation & Geotechnical Surveys

Northpoint is frequently asked – what is site investigation and geotechnical survey?

This is sometimes new to developers, and it is normally requested through a planning related process.

In short, site investigation is a phased approach to determining what is beneath the ground, and how this may have an adverse effect on the development.

Northpoint carries out the preliminary phase of the investigation (Phase 1 Desk Study). This includes assessing available records and technical data. This allows Northpoint to provide robust geotechnical and geoenvironmental recommendations via a targeted Phase 2 Ground Investigation.

The Phase 2 often includes intrusive investigation such as a soil survey, and this will often target the soil/rock properties for structural design. The investigation also considers environmental constraints where land contamination is a problem.

By contrast, a Geotechnical Survey may be as simple as a small subsidence investigation, bearing and settlement calculation. It can be more complex, through modelling slopes, embankments, cuttings. The geotechnical assessment looks at soil and rock strengths and properties, and how the ground can safely accommodate a structure (such as a house, office, bridge, road).

Northpoint routinely undertakes site investigation encompassing both geotechnical surveys and land contamination assessments. This is often referred to as a Geoenvironmental Appraisal.

Northpoint’s Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental engineering teams are happy to answer any technical queries relating to site investigation, geotechnical surveys, or a number of closely linked services, such as:

  • Phase 1 Desk Study
  • Contaminated Land Reports
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Geotechnical Survey & Soil Investigation
  • Site Investigation
  • Ground Engineering & Earthworks
  • Ground Investigation Reports
  • Remediation Strategies
  • Land Contamination Assessment
  • Validation Services
  • Environmental Appraisal
  • Ground Gas Risk Assessment

If you require specialist technical services, Northpoint offer independent professional advice with cost effective solutions.

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