Soil Investigation Weardale

6th September 2019

Northpoint has had a busy summer, but none of our recent sites have had quite the backdrop to the soil investigation undertaken in Weardale.


soil investigationSituated on the valley side of the Weardale Hills, the site comprises of an existing derelict building. It is proposed to demolish what is left of the structure, and replace this with a new dwelling. Northpoint assisted the client by providing intrusive ground and soil investigation data and interpretive reporting to assist with structural design.

Prior to commencing with the field works, Northpoint meticulously assessed available information to provide the client with the most cost-effective and reliable method of investigation.

soil investigationAs part of the preliminary assessment, Northpoint established that the site lies in an area where solid geological deposits (such as sandstone, limestone, mudstone) are expected at shallow depth beneath the area. By completing thorough preliminary checks, this ultimately provided our client with a cost saving, as Northpoint were able to appropriate scope/facilitate investigation works to best suite site conditions.



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