Supporting Local

6th February 2021

Supporting Local – Northpoint operates across the United Kingdom. Yes, we have frameworks and long standing relationships with a range of contractors. Notwithstanding, more often that not we make a point of sourcing from the local supply chain. Why should supporting local matter?

Our values

Supporting local business and supply chains is part of Northpoint’s core values. Our values are based on the three pillars of Sustainability. Therefore our aim is to make only a positive contribution to communities and the environment wherever we are working.supporting local

Northpoint recognise that decisions we make as a business  can impact employment, pollution and the environment in the area we are working. Overall, we are proud to see the completion of a project and enhancement to a community knowing we have played a small part. More importantly, knowing we have sourced from the local supply chain and for their direct involvement in community level improvements is more rewarding.

Our Focus

Our focus is to support a clients build in the most vital area – the ground its built on. Furthermore, by commissioning local contractors we fulfill both our company values. We also know we have supported businesses trading in the area we are working. Consequently, reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local business and protecting the environment all contributes in a small way to improving everyone’s future.

Join with us

We always welcome opportunities to forge new relationships and collaborative working. Therefore, we are keen to hear from land drilling operatives, land surveys, UXO specialist contractors, plant/operative contractors, geotechnical and geoenvironmental testing laboratories. For an informal chat, please contact the team.

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