Geotechnical Investigation Scotland – Northpoint conduct intrusive works to facilitate essential access to over £1.5M of harvestable timber at Barracks.

The site is located at Barracks which is positioned 10km south of the Bridge of Gaur near Pitlochry, Scotland.

Works were completed at the Glasgow to Fort William Railway line for Fountains Forestry.

A new rail facility is proposed to the north of Rannoch Station including a new vehicle crossing spanning the existing rail track.

Currently 700Ha of forest to the north of the railway is ready for harvest. The current underpass beneath the railway is unsuitable, therefore Northpoint completed intrusive ground investigation to aid the design of the new over-rail vehicle access.

Geotechnical Investigation Scotland – works comprised the placement of investigation positions at the location of the new bridge abutments either side of the rail track.

The investigation encountered peat, sand and gravel overlying granodiorite which is part of the Rannock Moor Pluton Formation.

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