What is Phase 2: Site Investigation?

A thorough Phase 2: Site Investigation report will tell you everything you need to know about the ground related risks associated with your build and will help you meet all regulatory requirements to complete your project safely.

When performing our geotechnical survey, our main concern is the design of your build’s foundations. We use all information we gathered in Phase 1: Desk Study to decide on areas we need to target in Phase 2: Ground Investigation. The ground investigation will also target areas of environmental concern, particularly with regards to land contamination, controlled waters and ground gas.

A Phase 2: Ground Investigation combined with the initial Phase 1: Desk Study forms the basis of a robust geotechnical and geoenvironmental Site Investigation. Our geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering teams will use the Site Investigation to design an effective solution so that your build can go ahead as planned.

Intrusive Ground Investigation

Our geotechnical engineering and geoenvironmental engineering teams are experienced in the management and delivery of large scale ground investigation projects within the residential, commercial, industrial and rail sectors.

We are committed to the ethos and values of a local supply chain, sub-contracting locally and forming local collaborations. Our internal approved supplier process, in line with ConstructionLine and RISQS, ensures prequalification of all sub-contractors and suppliers.

We champion innovative ground investigation methods and techniques. Adopting the latest land drilling, topographical survey, utility clearance and UXO techniques. Our engineers use innovative logging software in compliance with the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS), allowing for real-time data entry.

Due to the hazardous nature of the environment in which we operate, construction and rail, its not a surprise that Health & Safety is at the forefront of our minds. We ensure our engineers and approved suppliers are fully trained and competent to the relevant H&S schemes and institutions.

Ground Model

The Ground Model collates information from the initial desk study and ground investigation to assist in identifying the implication associated with a proposed development. We’ll transform our geological and hydrogeological findings into a 2D/3D contoured or triangulated map using the latest Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – giving you a visual representation of the ground and groundwater condition your build will sit upon.

Our integrated approach to ground profile modelling allows our geotechnical and environmental engineers to create a bespoke model characterising the subsurface ground and groundwater conditions of your site. This innovative integration allows for cost-effective geotechnical and environmental design solutions.

Fully integrated ground and hydrogeological models to the latest industry-standard are used to develop efficient geotechnical and structural analysis, land and groundwater contamination and earthwork volumetric measurements.

Mining & Coal Mining Risk Assessment

A Coal Mining Risk Assessment investigates the coal mining legacy of your site and sets out a strategy to avoid or mitigate any potential complications. Our experts will work with you and your plans to advise you on how to make your site safe and suitable for construction. At all stages of the process, we will ensure that the requirements of the Coal Authority are satisfied.

Geotechnical Assessment

Fully assessing the soil, rock and groundwater conditions before design and development is essential to reduce uncertainty. The geotechnical concerns raised during the preliminary risk assessment are re-evaluated by our geotechnical engineering team using the soil investigation data. The assessment involves a review of the geological and hydrogeological hazards, including subsidence, sinkholes, and landslides which may pose a risk to your development.

Using the latest analytical tools our geotechnical assessments will provide detailed design information for foundation design, pavement/highway, earth retaining structures, slope stability and earthworks.

We go one step further, using our comprehensive geotechnical assessment we can produce detailed foundation zone plans and schedules. Resulting considerable cost and time for large residential development sites.

Geoenvironmental Assessment

Our experts will identify any and all potential environmental hazards on site, such as land contamination. No two sites are the same, so it is vital that we conduct a targeted assessment. We will gather information from our own on-site investigations and from any historical information we can find on the site and its previous uses. This will help us to identify and assess any potential risks and how to mitigate them.

Quality of soil and contamination potential will be assessed, after which we will highlight any necessary cleaning processes. The assessment will also look at how your building works could release any discovered substances into the environment. Our geoenvironmental consultants will then evaluate the hazards, using their extensive knowledge and experience, and look for solutions to manage and mitigate the risk.

If our soil investigation finds that your land is contaminated in any form, we will look at this in further depth in a Contaminated Land Assessment. We work with the expectations laid out by The Environment Agency and British Standards to decide what measures need to be put in place to make your land safe.

Why is Phase 2: Ground Investigation necessary?

During Phase 2: Site Investigation, we take a more in-depth look at all issues highlighted in Phase 1: Desk Study.

We create comprehensive reports and assessments which will back up your planning permission applications or feasibility assessment for your build. Our goal is to keep your site and personnel safe, whilst allowing you to continue with your construction project as planned. During Phase 2 Site Investigation, we’ll look at potential remedial options and solutions to any risks and hazards.

Here at Northpoint, we’ve managed geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigations for builds of all sizes and complexities – we will be able to find an effective solution for any problem we uncover.