Delivering a Cost Effective Geotechnical Service

Northpoint is an independent Geotechnical and Environmental consultancy providing specialist advice and geoenvironmental services from feasibility to completion.

Phase 1: Desk Study

Also known as a Preliminary Risk Assessment, Phase 1: Desk Study is where our assessment of your site begins. As part of the Desk Study, we will visit your site and undertake a detailed site walkover survey, studying potential hazards in detail. We’ll look at the history of your site, any previous reports or assessments conducted on-site and identify any immediate issues. This initial desktop study report will outline how we will conduct the rest of our Site Investigation, uncovering any potential risks that need further consideration. The Desk Study will also consider potential risks from shallow mining activities as well as the presence of potentially poor and hazardous ground conditions beneath your site.

Phase 1 is a crucial part of the Site Investigation that, when carried out appropriately, will dramatically reduce the clients time in the planning and construction stages. Highlighting risks at the early stage of an investigation is a cost-effective solution that will benefit your entire project. Our engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers and contaminated land specialists will familiarise themselves with your site and provide their expert opinion on how to proceed to the next phase.

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Phase 2: Ground Investigation

The Institution of Civil Engineering forewarns that “Without Site Investigation, ground is a hazard”.

Phase 2: Site Investigation is an essential part of our study of your land. This is where we conduct in-depth investigations into your site, considering the potential risks identified in Phase 1 Site Investigation. Through on-site study and laboratory testing, we will be able to tell you everything you need to know about your site – from soil quality to geological hazards. We consider every potential risk and use the data of Phase 2: Ground Investigation to develop effective and innovative design solutions.

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Remediation and Validation

We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that the “clean-up” process on your site is safe and undertaken to approved industry standards.

Remediation and Validation is where we implement solutions so that your build can go ahead safely and efficiently. Northpoint works with you to find the best solution for your project and we monitor all progress. Once our implemented solutions have achieved the remediation criteria and your site’s objectives, we produce a validation report to satisfies regulators and government agencies.

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Design Consultancy

At Northpoint, our focus is on supporting your project in the most vital area – the ground it’s built on. We appreciate that not all projects are the same and that some projects are bespoke, or require a bit more ingenuity. That’s why at Northpoint, our geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering teams are experienced in providing a wide range of consultancy services to support your project.

Northpoint is the leading geotechnical engineering and geoenvironmental engineering consultancy, working with the latest industry standards and techniques to provide value engineering design. As an organisation with innovation at its core, we are ready to tackle any geotechnical engineering problem with the latest technology and apply our specialist knowledge.

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