Here at Northpoint we work closely with our clients to understand their development requirements. This allows us to identify and minimise site-specific risks at the early stages of a project’s life cycle

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Our technical consultancy team of engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers and contaminated land experts apply their expertise to a vast range of projects and sectors throughout the UK.

We specialise in Phase 1 Desk Study reporting. From greenfield to complex sites, our professional reporting incorporates the most modern scientific approach to ensure a detailed assessment of geo-hazards.

A Phase 1 Desk Study, often referred to as a Preliminary Risk Assessment forms the foundations of any proposed development and future Site Investigation

  • Detailed site walkover (Reconnaissance) survey
  • Review of historical plans and information
  • Geological assessment
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Preliminary hydrological, hydrogeological and flood risk assessment
  • Preliminary geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental assessment, including landfill, waste sites and invasive weed identification
  • Risk Assessment & Conceptual Site Model

The preliminary risk assessment phase is a process of identifying potential geo-hazards that may impact a development, and allows for the design of an appropriate and targeted Phase 2 Ground Investigation