A Coal Mining Risk Assessment investigates the coal mining legacy of your site and sets out a strategy to avoid or mitigate any potential complications. Our experts will work with you and your plans to advise you on how to make your site safe and suitable for construction. At all stages of the process, we will ensure that the requirements of the Coal Authority are satisfied.

Evidence Gathering

We begin our Coal Mining Risk Assessment at the Preliminary Risk Assessment phase by reviewing published and unpublished sources from the British Geological Society and Coal Authority, former National Coal Board. This desk study allows Northpoint to ascertain the level of risk posed to your site.

Should your development sit on a high-risk development area, which may be likely if your site is North East based, a full Coal Mining Risk Assessment maybe required in order to fully appraise and quantify the level of risk to your build.

Intrusive Ground Investigation

There are many hazards that can be found when developing above coal workings, and these are ultimately decided during a detailed Ground Investigation and subsequent geological modelling process. Mine gas, fissures and mine entries can put the integrity of your build’s foundations at risk. Our senior Engineering Geologists will uncover all potential issues and devise pragmatic solutions, allowing the planed build to go ahead in a timely manner.

Assessing Regional Coalfields

Britain’s long legacy of coal mining stretches to every corner of the country and can affect many developments. Northpoint’s Headquarters can be found in the North East of England, where there is a high concentration of former Coal Mining sites. As such, we are very experienced in dealing with such concerns. High-risk development areas can be particularly problematic and, if you’re building is considered to be at risk, you may need a Coal Mining Risk Assessment if you wish your planning application to continue.

The process

  • Conduct a desk-based assessment
  • Obtain historical records on the potential coal mining history of the area
  • Work with the Coal Authority
  • Design a targeted Ground Investigation
  • Ground Modelling
  • Design cost-effective and pragmatic solution for your specific build