Northpoint completes Phase 1 Desk Study & Phase 2 Site Investigation. We assisted a housing association for the Gresham mixed residential-use development scheme.

phase 2 site investigationThe Project

The Gresham redevelopment area is being considered for the construction of 179 new homes. This includes semi-detached and detached dwellings, and 3 to 5 storey apartments. The apartments will incorporate a ground level car park with first floor landscaped courtyard. The low-rise residential properties will include private gardens adjacent to newly formed communal landscaping. Northpoint provided both Phase 1 Desk Study and Phase 2 Site Investigation for the proposal.

Our Remit

To assist the client progress with the design stages of the development, we provided geotechnical and geoenvironmental support. Firstly, we completed a Phase 1 Desk Study for the site. The site covers an area of over 3 hectares.

The Phase 1 Desk Study commenced with a detailed site walkover (reconnaissance) survey. As a result, this assisted us in selecting the most appropriate investigation techniques. Furthermore, this allowed us to identify potential areas of concern that could be targeted within the Phase 2 Site Investigation.

The desk study identified that historically, the area consisted of late Victorian and early Edwardian terraced housing. Because of the desk study, we determined the likely ground conditions beneath the site.

Intrusive Site Investigation

The Phase 2 Site Investigation included a series of boreholes and trial pits across the site area. Overall, we expected favourable ground conditions. Initially, typical demolition type materials were present. These lie above undisturbed glacial materials.

For the proposed low to medium rise residential apartments and courtyard area, we positioned a series of deep boreholes. As a result, heavy structural loads were anticipated. Therefore, the boreholes extended deep into the earth. From this, we provided the structural engineering team sufficient information if pile foundations were considered.

The investigation phase also incorporated a geoenvironmental appraisal. From this, we analysed the shallow demolition wastes in the ground. Above all, we wanted to verify that this material did not pose a risk to construction works or members of the public. Lastly, we completed both geotechnical and geoenvironmental risk assessments. We included this in our detailed interpretive report. On completion, we also included a Conceptual Site Model for the project.

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