Working in the Reading area, Northpoint provide project management and site investigation services for The Greater Western electrification programme.

An aerial view of landNorthpoint was appointed by a Whitfield Construction Services to act as Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Consultant. The project is for the Holly Cross ATFS. We provided site investigation services in order to inform design.

The Holly Cross substation will form part of The Greater West (TGW) electrification programme. Network Rail consider the upgrades as the largest in the UK to date. Consequently, the completed substation will cater for the electrification of the Reading Independent Feeder and Reading Lines.

The scheme we are involved with is part of wider significant works. Most noteworthy these include a complete upgrade and transformation of the Greater Western network.

Northpoint initially prepared a Specification for Ground Investigation in accordance with current industry standards. We completed targeted investigations as a result of preparing the specification. Thereafter, we prepared an Interpretive Ground Investigation Report to inform future detailed design.

Because of the Specification, we were able to appropriately target proposed structures and infrastructure. Given the anticipated ground conditions, the site investigation services employed included a series of boreholes. We placed the boreholes strategically in order to determine the shallow ground conditions. Additionally, the investigation also included an assessment of the ground to accommodate new access and areas of hardstanding. In contrast to the deeper boreholes, we undertook a series shallow in-situ tests. We used this information to assist with pavement design.

As a result of the works we have completed, these will assist with overall structural and civil design of the project.  0191 917 2310