Northpoint provide technical services and advice for a new residential build. Both desk study and site investigation provided to assist the planning application.

Northpoint completed a Phase 1 Desk Study Report and Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation. We completed the works for a proposed residential development in Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Our assessment considers the suitability of new housing at the site. Northpoint’s desk study considered all potential geo-hazards associated with the ground. The assessment also considered the sites history dating back to the mid 1800’s through to the present. Northpoint considered a range of data sources. These included Environment Agency mapping and data, to Coal Authority mining information.  The Desk Study, also considers the preliminary flooding risks to the site (from rivers, groundwater and surface water).

desk studyWe completed a preliminary Conceptual Site Model and Risk Assessment. As a result, Northpoint designed and carried out targeted Phase 2 Intrusive site investigation works.

As a results of our initial assessment, we recommended intrusive fieldworks.  We aimed to establish the presence of potentially unacceptable risks to both construction workers and residential end-users from contaminated soils. Consequently, we considered the contaminated soils as the shallow “made ground” fill across the site area.

The intrusive site investigation included a soils survey. The survey included excavating a series of trial pits, particularly in areas of proposed soft landscaping.

We undertook soil sampling and laboratory analysis. Our assessment targeted land contamination sources such as heavy metals and asbestos presence.

Finally, the soil survey data was used to update the initial desk study phase Conceptual Site Model and Risk Assessment. This information was submitted to the Local Authority in support of the granted planning consent.

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