Conveniently located near the foothills of the North Yorkshire Moors, Northpoint assist with geotechnical & geoenvironmental investigations at Hemlington.

Intrusive Investigation YorkshireIntrusive Investigation Yorkshire – positioned between the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, A19 and Tees Valley, a large greenfield development site is being considered for future residential use.

The area consists of three separate parcels of land currently used for pasture. Our initial assessment included a detailed Phase 1 Desk Study. Within this we initially conducted a site reconnaissance. Data captured from the walkover included details such as safe access and egress, signs of hazardous ground including evidence of land contamination, invasive weeds, type and maturity of established planting. We also assessed the site to establish any signs of former use included relict structures and features.

We combined the reconnaissance with a review of historical plans dating back to the 1800s, and pertinent environmental search information, such as landfills, waste and shallow mining that could impact the site.

The desk study allowed Northpoint to design a robust and thorough ground investigation. This included several investigation techniques and this informed design including:

  • Land contamination assessment
  • Hazardous ground gas assessment
  • Roads and pavements
  • Foundations
  • Earthworks

Northpoint are experts at exploring environments to strengthen futures. For Intrusive Investigation Yorkshire, Contact the team for further details.