Northpoint’s geotechnical consultants provide expert technical advice. Detailed geotechnical assessment and design calculations provided for the transport of an abnormal load vessel.

Geotechnical consultants from Northpoint were commissioned by a local highway authority. We undertook a detailed geotechnical assessment. The assessment considered the impacts on the existing carriageways and underlying soils from the transportation of a 700 tonne abnormal load.

Because of the nature of the works, we undertook intrusive ground investigation works. The transport route include a 6km area. The route extended from Wilton Engineering at Port Clarence, to Conoco Phillips at Seal Sands. Consequently, the operation to transport the abnormal load was complex. Given the huge size and weight of the cargo, the entire 6km route required a detailed survey. The survey included both visually assessing the highway and conducting investigation works. As a result, we assessed the ground to see if it was strong enough. The transport route at various points included services, culverts and pipes. We considered all these features within out geotechnical assessment.

Firstly, the investigation assessed the condition of the existing carriageway (including road construction sub-base). Secondly, we assessed the underlying ground. Our assessment included road cores, condition assessment of construction layers, and boreholes. The boreholes extended into the natural sub-strata.

Northpoint’s remit including assessing all of the intrusive ground investigation data. We used this to predict how the abnormal live loads would impact the carriageway and ground. Our assessment considered a vast amount of data. Firstly, we considered whether the existing carriageway was adequate. Thereafter, we considered settlement. Settlement includes how the earth reacts to large loads.

Our geotechnical consultants prepared a detailed assessment and calculations.  Consequently, we proved that existing road and ground conditions are adequate. Our assessment found that loads required bridging locally. This is where the road lies above brick culvert structures. As a result, this reduced any significant impact to sub-structure features.  0191 917 2310