Northpoint assist ground engineering project close to home! Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental services provided to facilitate a large residential development in Sunderland.

ground engineeringNorthpoint completed a Phase 2 Site Investigation and provided ground engineering recommendations for a large residential development site in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. Proposals comprise the construction of approximately 170 residential properties with private driveways and a new estate road.

The site currently lies in disuse. Formally, the land was part of mixed use including allotments, agricultural use and small dwelling structures.

Due to the complexity of the underlying geology, extensive investigations included a geophysical survey, rotary probing and cable percussive boreholes. Beneath the ground, coal mining has taken place in the past. Therefore, the works targeted underlying coal seams and geological anomalies.

As a result of our detailed assessment, we dismissed potential risks to the development from shallow mining hazards. Our subsequent field monitoring also determined that that there are no hazardous ground or mine gases impacting the site.

The investigation works undertaken by Northpoint also included a number of insitu and laboratory CBR tests targeting proposed road layouts for future highway design.

Geotechnical engineeringGiven the size of the site and the variable ground conditions encountered, we also assessed the soils permeability characteristics for suitability of using sustainable drainage.

Northpoint provided the client with a geoenvironmental assessment and cost-effective foundation solutions, noting the geological hazards beneath the site.

Northpoint routinely undertakes Site Investigation for large residential developments throughout the UK, providing a vast range of geotechnical and land contamination support to the client. If you would like to speak to us above your planned build, please get in touch  0191 917 2310