Geotechnical consultants from Northpoint were commissioned by Stockton Borough Council to undertake a geotechnical assessment. The assessment considered the impacts on the existing carriageways and underlying soils from the transportation of a 700 tonne abnormal load

Intrusive Ground Investigation works were completed by Middlesbrough Council’s Laboratory Services along the 6km transport route from Wilton Engineering at Port Clarence, to Conoco Phillips at Seal Sands.

The investigation assessed the condition of the existing carriageway (including road construction sub-base), and underling ground.

Northpoint’s remit including assessing all of the intrusive ground investigation data to predict how the abnormal live loads would impact the carriageway and ground. A vast amount of data was considered as part of the assessment. Northpoint firstly considered whether the existing carriageway was adequate, then considered settlement of the ground where loads are transferred into the earth.

The detailed assessment and calculations undertaken by Northpoint proved that existing road and ground conditions are adequate. Locally, overbridging of loads above brick culvert structures was deemed necessary to reduce any significant impact to sub-structure features.