Northpoint’s Working Platform Design for Bridge Replacement at Scottish Water Penwhapple Reservoir

Northpoint, a leading engineering consultancy, was entrusted with providing temporary works design solutions for the replacement of a degraded valve tower bridge at Scottish Water Penwhapple Reservoir in South Ayrshire.

This unique project involves the installation of a Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge, conducted by Beaver Bridges, adopting an innovative over-water jacking system from a pontoon. This significant project aims to enhance infrastructure reliability and design life whilst minimising environmental impact.

Client Requirements and Challenges:

The project presented several challenges, including the need for temporary works to support the installation process amidst unpredictable Scottish weather conditions. Northpoint’s scope of work encompassed a comprehensive Ground Investigation and designing temporary works to ensure safe and efficient project execution. The temporary works design included CAT 2 design checks for the trackway road and as quoted by client George Leslie, ‘a substantial crane pad’.

Approach and Methodology:

Northpoint’s approach commenced with a meticulous Ground Investigation involving targeted Dynamic Sampling boreholes and Dynamic Probe tests along the proposed trackway access road and granular crane pad. This data formed the foundation for a detailed ground model, crucial for designing the temporary works. Leveraging our expertise, Northpoint developed CAT 2 working platform designs for the granular crane working platform and CAT 2 design checks for the aluminium trackway road.

Northpoint’s involvement doesn’t stop there! Northpoint provided invaluable guidance to the working platform contractor, George Leslie, throughout the construction process. Our expertise ensured adherence to safety standards and facilitated the delivery and signing off of the Working Platform Certificate (WPC) provided by Northpoint.

Outcome and Deliverables:

Northpoint’s efforts culminated in the successful implementation of granular working platforms and trackway access roads that not only met but exceeded client expectations. The detailed Geotechnical Design Report (GDR), prepared in accordance with Eurocode standards, provided comprehensive documentation of the design process and ensured transparency and compliance throughout the project lifecycle.


 Northpoint’s expertise in working platform design and temporary works design played a pivotal role in the successful replacement of the valve tower bridge at Scottish Water Penwhapple Reservoir. By delivering innovative solutions tailored to client requirements Northpoint demonstrated its commitment to excellence in engineering and project management.

Key Takeaways:

Northpoint provides working platform design and temporary works design solutions for the replacement of a degraded valve tower bridge at Scottish Water Penwhapple Reservoir.

Comprehensive Ground Investigation Scotland and CAT 2 working platform designs, ensuring safety and efficiency amidst challenging environmental conditions.

Production of Geotechnical Design Report (GDR) and Working Platform Certificate (WPC).


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