Ground Gas Strategy & Validation Inspection Services

6th June 2023

Did you know, our Geoenvironmental experts are competent and qualified not only in preparing Ground Gas Strategy Reports, but also in making site inspections and validation sign-offs?

An intrusive ground investigation will provide a development sites ground gassing regime and determine whether a Ground Gas Strategy is required. If one is required, this is because a development is potentially at risk from hazardous gas within the ground, such as methane. The strategy provides design and construction mitigation in line with published British Standards.

Northpoint routinely assess a development sites ground gassing regime, and sometimes this leads onto the preparation of a Gas Strategy Report. The bulk of the reports that we prepare include areas across coal fields, such as in the West Midlands and North East where mine gasses are identified as a development risk.

Ground Gas StrategyIf you are requested by the LPA or Building Control to produce a Gas Strategy Report, Northpoint can help. The process is generally straightforward and we will provide your engineer or architect information that can be integrated within their designs; such as sub-floor void details, membrane spec etc.

If your development requires ground gas protection, Northpoint specialise in validation inspections. We will visit site and assess that installed gas protection meets the requirements of the Strategy. Following inspection, our engineers provide a validation completion statement in accordance with good industry guidance.

Northpoint are here to help develop your Ground Gas Strategy Report. If you require further information, contact us to find out more.