Ground Investigation Scotland

14th January 2023

Did you know that throughout 2022, Northpoint have been involved with a range of exciting projects across Scotland? We are pleased to share some of our recent case studies.

With Ground Investigation Scotland, we are heavily involved with numerous projects across the country, mainly across the Central Belt region. We have provided a brief snap-shot into only a selection of projects, however for more details please get in touch.

Pittenweem, Fife

Providing Phase 1 Desk Study and Phase 2 Ground Investigation for a residential development in the village of Pittenweem. The site is positioned between Kirkcaldy to the south, and St Andrews to the north and lies overlooking the picturesque Fifth of Forth. It is hoped that the development will deliver around 40 to 50 new homes to the area.

Penicuit, Midlothian

A new commercial workshop is being considered and Northpoint provided technical support to assist with a planning application. The site in Penicuit has a rich industrial past and was formerly positioned within the former colliery site. Our experts delivered comprehensive preliminary risk assessment and land contamination assessments for the site. Northpoint are providing continued support on the project.

Dundee, Angus

The Seagreen Offshore Windfarm development sees major strategic green energy delivered to Scotland. Northpoint are proud to have played a small role in collaborating with a partnering civil engineering design specialists to deliver interpretive ground investigation. The investigations were aimed at land-base infrastructure associated with the wider offshore works.

Cambusmore, Stirlingshire

Major bridge infrastructure is proposed  spanning Keltie Water with supporting abutments to the north and south of the watercourse. Targeted intrusive investigation and design consultancy support has been completed by the Northpoint team. Investigations included a geotechnical appraisal of each abutment location.

West Linton, Scottish Borders

A residential care development is proposed in the peaceful West Linton overlooking Black Mount and Mid Hill. Our remit included comprehensive Phase 1 and Phase 2 investigations. Permeability classification testing assisted drainage design with a number of BRE “soakaway” tests being completed amongst the wider geoenvironmental investigation.

Barracks, PerthshireGeotechnical Investigation Scotland

Northpoint attended the Rannoch Forest near the Bridge of Gaur to complete intrusive investigation for a new bridge crossing spanning Network Rail land. Given the remoteness of the works and challenging working conditions, specialist plant and borehole equipment was mobilised in order to complete the works on schedule.

North Berwick, East Lothian

Extensions to an existing residential farmhouse required Ground Investigation in order for the completion of construction designs. As part of our remit, we exposed and recorded the existing dwellings foundations, determined the strength and nature of the ground conditions that will support the new structures. Additionally, we characterised the soil drainage potential to support future sustainable discharge methods.

Dunfermline, Fife

A large farm shed and dwelling is being considered in the rural Craigluscar Hill area north of the City of Dunfermline. Northpoint were commissioned to assist with the overall design of the project. Phase 1 and Phase 2 investigations were completed along with project management and provision of design information.


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